• Meet Felician Squeakypants in Tom-Catch


    Ludum Dare 32 event has finished since more than a week. It was cool to participate again. This time we made a little retro shooter game, in which you play as Felician Squeakypants, who's a dead serious bad-ass agent. Professor Quincy asks him to deliver some blueprints of a secret weapon. Unfortunately these blueprints got stolen by Orlando Whiskey, a Cat agent. Now Felician has to chase him, and take back a papers.

    Our take on the theme was to build the story around the concept of an unconventional weapon. This weapon is a giant robot dog that can finally terminate the war between the cats and mice. Obviously you can’t make a really big story in 3 days, so don’t expect too much of Tom-Catch. :) It’s a shame because I really like story driven games.

    Please visit Tom-Catch Ludum Dare page: goo.gl/pImLlh

    You can check out our games on itch.io too: sakergames.itch.io

    Posted by Janov Byrnisson.
  • Nixtopia - Ludum Dare #31


    Happy New Year, everyone!

    I want to begin the New Year with showing our game Nixtopia that we've made for Ludum Dare #31. It's not quite complete because there was a huge loss of time from our part. :) In fact this game was made in 30 hours instead of 72, and we reached the position 719 out of 2635 games in overall. That's pretty good for a first-time incomplete entry. Thank you for all who played the game! Another reason for talking about Nixtopia is that we'll make a full game out of this concept in this year. Hopefully. :)

    Check out the game here: goo.gl/T610Q9

    Posted by Janov Byrnisson.
  • SakerGames on Ludum Dare #31

    Ludum Dare

    Yepp, that's right. We'll participate in Ludum Dare #31 between 5th and 9th of December.

    It is our first LD and we'll join the Jam, because, of course, we are the most creative when we're together. Therefore we decided to enter the competition armed with our best knowledge, a lot of pizza and beer, and create as much as we can.

    This small website is dedicated to our Ludum Dare activities. Be sure to check back and follow the process and download our game in the finish of the Jam.

    Posted by Janov Byrnisson.
  • Welcome to Our New Website

    As you can see we finally managed to build an acceptable website. We wanted to do something simple, yet characteristic. What do you think about this new look?

    Posted by Janov Byrnisson.
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