The SakerGames Team

SakerGames is an independent game developer team. We are mostly friends and we work together because we love games and all the aspects of game development. Our studio has been founded in 2013 after we started development of our first game.



Adventurous young man, who's dream is to have a really big dog someday. He has passion to video games since childhood. He is very creative guy and he's developing small games for a long time now.

Does programming, modeling and drawing.



Cousin has a passion to motorbikes, he loves riding his bike at top speed on the curvy roads of Transylvania. He is a talented gamer and developer. Having great programming skills, he always wants to get the best out of his work.

Game and server programming, modeling occasionally.


Janov B

Janov loves art, literature and hiking. He's inspired by nature and music. Designing games have been a dream for him ever since he'd played the first video game. Finally he managed to bring together his friends to found the team of SakerGames.

Game design, programming, 2D art and modeling.

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