Meet Felician Squeakypants in Tom-Catch


Ludum Dare 32 event has finished since more than a week. It was cool to participate again. This time we made a little retro shooter game, in which you play as Felician Squeakypants, who's a dead serious bad-ass agent. Professor Quincy asks him to deliver some blueprints of a secret weapon. Unfortunately these blueprints got stolen by Orlando Whiskey, a Cat agent. Now Felician has to chase him, and take back a papers.

Our take on the theme was to build the story around the concept of an unconventional weapon. This weapon is a giant robot dog that can finally terminate the war between the cats and mice. Obviously you can’t make a really big story in 3 days, so don’t expect too much of Tom-Catch. :) It’s a shame because I really like story driven games.

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Posted by Janov Byrnisson.

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